Cachorrinhos dorminhocos

terça-feira, julho 14, 2015

Fofura do dia!

She Likes To Sleep In The Bowl

Peaches Sleeping On The Door Handle On Our Way Home

Sleeping Corgis

My Sister's Puppy Was So Tired, She Just Fell Asleep In Her Shoe

Perfect Spot To Take A Nap

Puppy Is Sleeping In His Bowl

My Dog Is Sleeping

Take Your Puppy For A Walk They Said, It Will Be Fun They Said

Too Lazy To Move

My Co-worker's Puppy Fell Asleep On Her Desk

Sleeping Beauty

Puppy Sleeping On The Table

My Friends Dog Passed Out

Mcguffin Goes To The Vet

My Favorite Puppy Out Of The Littler Was This Little Sleepy Guy

Puppy Sleeping

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