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quinta-feira, novembro 12, 2015

My Friends Malamute Thinks He's A Lap Dog

My Friends Puppy Just Wanted To Cuddle. The Cat? Not So Interested

She Was Yelling "Auntie He's Squishing Me!". I Look Back To Find Him Completely Content

My Dad Kept Griping "I Don't Want A Dog!" This Is How I Find Them Napping

Sometimes She Has Problems Recognising Personal Space

My Great Dane Thinks He's A Parrot

No Sense Of Personal Space

No Concept Of Personal Space

Dog Who Is Also A Face Mask

Get This Thing Off Me!

My Buddy Rooney Has Personal Space Issues

Two Months Off The Race Track And My Adopted Greyhound Is Still Trying To Understand What Being A Lap Dog Is All About

Yeah, I'm Just Gonna Sit Right Here

I Own This Human

Where Is The Person?

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